Drug Screening

Nationwide Drug Screening

Insulate your organization from workplace accidents, violence, and rising health care costs.

HR TruCheck offers a full line of lab-based and instant drug testing products and services that provide the critical information you need in order to make confident and informed decisions about prospective and current employees.

Whether you need a solution that meets requirements for a Department of Transportation (DOT)-regulated drug and health screening program or you need to implement a drug-free workplace program, HireRight has a solution that fits your needs.

HR TruCheck offers comprehensive solutions for all of the following:

  • Drug testing (including pre-employment, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion)
  • Alcohol testing (post-accident and reasonable suspicion)
  • Physical examinations
  • Occupational health services

These solutions help you, as required, easily maintain compliance with your screening policy, government regulations, and industry standard.

You need a partner who knows just how complex drug and health screening can be. HR TruCheck's industry-leading expertise and easy-to-use drug and health screening solutions help our customers get the right information to make smart hiring and retention decisions, meet their budgets, and operate a drug-free workplace program.

All HR TruCheck's drug and health tests can be fully integrated with our background screening services through a single interface, giving you much-needed visibility across your hiring and retention needs, saving you time, and better managing costs with a closed-loop solution.

Substances Saliva Urine Hair
Amphetamines 3 days 1-4 days up to 90 days
Cocaine 1 day 4-5 days up to 90 days
Cannabis (single use) 14 hrs 2-3 days up to 90 days
Cannabis (habitual use) 14 hrs 90 days up to 90 days
Opiates 7-21 hrs 2-3 days up to 90 days
PCP 3 days 3-7 days up to 90 days